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We Call It An Om-Wich

March 17, 2009

This is a recent post from my old blog.  Confusing, I know.  Read, eat, and enjoy. Repeat.

I have been eating the the cleanest diet in my life recently.  I am working my way up to being the heaviest I have ever weighed.  The most I have ever weighed was 187 and that was in 2006 when I moved to Des Moines.  I was not as lean as I am now though, so I would say that my muscle mass is close to being the most I have ever had.  Anyways, I feel better in many ways after making some adjustments in my diet.  Currently, I am working my way through my Precision Nutrition V3 program, which will result in more planning and less off the cuff eating.  This morning I made an turkey, guacamole, and black bean Om-wich.  Pan fried turkey breast with guacamole spread on top, eggs are next, followed by black beans, and topped with some sharp cheddar.  I really like cooking food, dishes suck, and going out to eat less is nice on the pocket book.

Delicious Om-Wich

Delicious Om-Wich

Getting a quick start was the best decision I have made though.  Sure, I made mistakes up front and as I continued to research I have been changing my diet more and more.  The current objective is to take in surplus calories to add some more muscle, then shortly after this program I am looking to cut some fat.  I may be focusing on vertical jump training at the beginning of May, and one of the quickest ways to fly higher, is to be lighter.

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