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The Top 3 Missing Components to Your Training

March 27, 2009

Diesel Crew put up an amazing post today asking experts about the Top 3 Missing Components of a Good Strength Program, and as you might expect the answers are all over the place.  It got me thinking about what I think the Top 3 Missing Components of a Good Ultimate Training Program are…

So I gave it a little bit of thought and here are my choices:

1. Self-Myofascial Release – Yes, I totally just plugged a previous post of mine.  The whole reason I posted it in the first place, was the awesome amount of success I have had personally with SMR.  All last season I had knee issues, whether it was my IT Band or swelling and pressure.  Once I started lifting and doing SMR, the pain went away and has not recurred after doing previously painful activities.  I know that most people don’t warmup enough in the first place, which means most don’t do SMR.  Start doing it today.

2. Strength Training – Pick up some weights and get stronger.  Notice I said stronger, not necessarily bigger. Reference the picture below of powerlifter John Inzer.

John Inzer deadlifting 780 lbs at 165 lbs of bodyweight.

John Inzer deadlifting 780 lbs at 165 lbs of bodyweight.

There are so many benefits to lifting weights it is unbelievable.  If anyone would like to explain why they would rather be weak than strong, do so in the comments (it should be entertaining).  Also, news flash,  I am glad that you want to be “toned” and you don’t want to get “huge”.  Getting toned means you want to lose fat.  Getting “huge”, well you aren’t in danger of getting suddenly “huge”, unless you buy a Zoltar machine.  Stop finding excuses and lift.  This doesn’t mean that you should ONLY lift weights, it just means most don’t do it.  Plus, I provided you with a free program from Luka Hocevar so you are one or two clicks away from a training program.

Though this is probably counter productive to getting people to lift, but squat til your nose bleeds!

AJ Roberts reppin nosebleeds hard!

AJ Roberts reppin' nosebleeds hard!

3.  Nutrition – Most of us are clueless when it comes to food.  I have been working hard on this part of training, and I still feel overwhelmed often.  This is a tricky and very individual element to training.  Sometimes it can be hard to smell the bullshit on some of the things you read on the internet or in a lot of mainstream media.  If it is easier than it should be, it probably means there is a catch.  I recommend the Precision Nutrition system.  It covers individualization, recipes, knowledge of concepts, and provides LONG TERM success.

Now that you have read my list, take a look at the original article, Top 3 Missing Components of a Good Strength Program at Diesel Crew.

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  1. August 6, 2009 5:40 am

    I used to be super into SMR, but now a year later, I do less of it. Why? After attending Pavel’s RKC and working with Dr. Cobb of Z-Health, I’ve come to agree with their and Gray Cook’s sense that passive mobility / movement work, while useful, can be a crutch if used too much.

    Sure, it feels good when you’re on it, but what about when you get off of the pain roller? Have you fixed the root cause of the tightness? Maybe not! Maybe you’re not squatting well or lunging well (with proper “bone rhythm”). Maybe you lack thoracic (aka “t-spine”) spine mobility or your ankle joints are jammed up. Maybe your hips are asymmetrically strong or mobile.

    That said, while the above 3 are missing components, I think fundamental movement patterns should be there too. See Gray Cook or Dr. Eric Cobb’s work for more info, but plenty of folks are talking about this in the PT world.

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