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Understanding Your Readers

April 2, 2009

WordPress does a great job of presenting stats for your blog.  One of those is Search Engine Terms.  Basically, this is all of the traffic that goes to and types in a search that ends up at  Some of them are pretty funny.  My favorite is “why do i have soft hands”.  The mental image of somebody fretting over their soft hands in their dark computer room at night just makes me laugh.  In reality, you don’t hear the ‘Softest Hands in Ultimate’ Ben Lyons complaining, so why should you?  Enjoy.

All Time Search Engine Terms (Starting 03/11/09):

ultitraining 22
dominator friday 5
free trigger point ebook 3
soft tissue work 3
dominator 3
matt ellsworth ultimate frisbee 3 2
tub cottage cheese 2
dominator fridays 2
ultimate frisbee zone defense video tuto 2
video 2
myofascial ball 2
goat 2
blog 1
principles of training for ultimate fris 1
myofascial release ultitraining 1
callaous tear 1
nate green 1
self myofascial release mike robertson 1
“leigh peele” fit cast 1
self-myofascial release, purpose, method 1
shoulder mobility eric cressey 1
self myofascial release tennis ball 1
pain free ebook 1
myofascial release foot 1
leigh peele 1
recipe 1
mike robertson myofascial release 1
t-nation pink dumbells 1
best ultimate frisbee photo ever ultitra 1
trigger point therapy workbook ebook 1
why do i have soft hands 1
mike robertson self-myofascial release 1
self myofascial release pdf robertson 1
matt ellsworth ult 1
foam rolling robertson ebook 1
self myofascial release method robertson 1
frank 1
mike g 1
pink dumbell 1
ultimate training wordpress 1
anatomy trains ebook 1
mike robertson mayofascial release 1
snertz workout 1
flax seeds chips costco 1
costco grocery list 1
costco dumbbells 1
kevin seiler 1
dumbbell costco 1
2 Comments leave one →
  1. arcanedufresne permalink
    April 2, 2009 2:08 pm

    What does one expect to find when searching “dumbbell costco”?

  2. Dean permalink
    April 2, 2009 10:43 pm

    Presumably the same as the person searching for “costco dumbbells”

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