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Athlete, Author, Awesome Dude. Nate Green Speaks.

April 10, 2009

Alright party people, here is another interview from Nate Green, author of Built for Show and internet funny man at The Nate Green Experience.  Read the interview and ask questions in the comments.

Nate Green

Nate thanks for talking with me today. First off, can you introduce yourself to the readers and tell them who you are? Also, fill us in on your recent book.

I like to say I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread but when you really stop to think about it, sliced bread wasn’t all that great.

So I guess I’m greater than that.

I’m a former personal trainer but now serve as contributing editor to I’m also the author of a new fitness and lifestyle book for young guys called Built for Show.

I also try to post quality mini-articles on my blog at somewhat frequently, although that could be debated. (The frequency part. Not quality. All of it’s quality.)

When did you get into training/fitness? Was it to improve your performance or more along the lines of looking good?

It was really a natural progression for me. After being in the martial arts for years (I received my black belt when I was nine) I had already established that training was important to me. My friend Kyle took me to the gym when I was a sophomore in high school and he thought it’d be funny to put me under 225 pounds and see how I did. Naturally, I did horribly and my esophagus will never thank him.

But I became passionate about working out and after I gained 40 pounds of muscle I realized just how important training, working my ass off, and succeeding had become to me.

Really, my habits in the weight room transferred over to other parts of my life and I started to push myself to see what else I could achieve. I haven’t looked back since.

From keeping track of your blog/videos, I know you are on point with your nutrition and fitness. Most ultimate players are either full time students or full time employees, and to pursue training means hours outside of work/school. Do you have a “Top 5” of tips on how to balance training and eating right on top of a full time gig?

How’s this for five tips:

1.Figure out what your specific goals are.

2. Work your ass off to reach them.

3. Stop when you’ve accomplished it.

4. Set new goals.

5. Repeat.

But I’m sure your readers want immediately applicable advice. For that, I’d say stick to the minimum amount of work to achieve the maximum benefit. That means doing workouts that actually carry over to your sport, focusing on big compound lifts, making sure you get enough protein and high-quality fat, and more than seven hours of sleep.

It’s not sexy, but if you did all of the above you’d have a better body and perform better than 99% of people.

In your book, you have a years’ worth of weight training programs that are assorted by season and advice on how to do the exercises outside of the gym. Do you think amateur athletes can utilize those programs to improve in their respective sport?

Sure. Although the premise of the book is more vanity-based (“Look Good Enough to Hook Up!”), the programs are actually athletic programs. These are close to the same routines I’ve used with college and pro athletes over the years in my training studio.
What’s next for Nate Green?

Writing, blogging, marketing, and trying to find that perfect balance between what I call “play” and everyone else calls “work.”

Where can we get your book?

Buy Built for Show at

Buy Built for Show at

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