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7 Plyo Myths to Consider During Your Training

June 2, 2009

Kelly Baggett was born to drop knowledge bombs.  His latest article is a dynamite sandwich!

Whenever you figure out that last line, head over to Kelly’s site to read more about the 7 Myths:

  • Myth #1 – Plyometric ability (reactivity) is a distinct, separate quality
  • Myth #2 – Plyometric action is a highly trainable quality
  • Myth # 3 Plyos work because they train “reactive” ability
  • Myth #4 – The “shock” method gives supramaximal muscle recruitment
  • Myth #5- Plyos/Depth jumps don’t improve standing vert
  • Myth #6- One must do plyo activities
  • Myth #7- Plyo workouts should be fatiguing and exhausting

Read the full article with explainations and videos here.

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