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Brian St Pierre’s Nutrition and Training Blog

June 2, 2009

I have been following Brian St Pierre’s exploits for a while now.  I found his blog via Cressey Performance where he works.  I wanted to take the time to direct you to some of his best articles that are usually, short but packed with great information.



Here is my top 5 on Brian’s blog:

1.  5 Helpful Nutrition Tips – This article is great.  In just a few paragraphs Brian gives you enough direction to actually change your dieting by asking yourself simple questions like “Could I hunt, gather, pluck, or grow this?”

2.  The Orange Juice Deception/Why Fruit Juice Sucks – I think these articles are incredibly interesting, spelling out that what we think of as one of the most healthy staples of our diet, might not be that healthy.

3. The Incan Warrior Breakfast – This is a delicious recipe with one of my favorite new foods, quinoa!

4. The Return of Vitamin D –  This is a break down of one of my daily supplements.

5. The New Omega-3/The Benefits of Omega-6’s – Krill Oil is all the rage on the Omega-3 front and the 2nd article reminds us that it’s about balance.

Enjoy yourself!

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  1. L. Wu permalink
    June 16, 2009 11:41 am


    Our campus nutritionist mentioned the other day that they’re thinking about recommending (as part of the USDA recommended intake guidelines) no more than one 8oz cup of juice per day.

    I started cutting out excess sugar like nobody’s beeswax and accidentally lost a couple pounds of fat last quarter, so it definitely adds up!

    Quinoa is great. I’ve been exploring Chia seeds lately, another lost crop that is far superior to some of the “modern” equivalents.

    Chia is to Flax as Quinoa is to Rice. Or something like that 🙂


  1. 5 Helpful Nutrition Tips :

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