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Hey Ultimate Community!

September 24, 2009

Hey Ultimate fans! My name is Ben Jelinek and I am one of the newest writers for Ultitraining.  I just wanted to give a brief introduction of why I’m here and what I hope to bring to the blog.

I am currently senior Biology and Exercise Science major at the University of Northern Iowa.  I have been playing Ultimate since my freshman year, including two club seasons.  I am currently the captain of the team at UNI, AmmUNItion.  My main interests in the field are nutrition, Weightlifting, and conditioning.

Over the past year I have realized that Ultimate is very far from having any sort of set training regimen.  Even all the elite club level teams train differently.  This has really intrigued me and has turned into almost an obsession.  Ultimate is unique from all other sports in that you must have the speed, quickness, and explosiveness of a sport like football, but maintain the highest level of performance for extended periods of time.  No research (at least that I am aware of) has been done on the subject.

This is where sites like Ultitraining help tremendously, and why I am so excited to be writing.  I want to make my posts what you want to learn about.  I have a ton of ideas, but Ultimate is community based at its core.  I am giving my email for any questions or comments about what you want to see out of my posts.  Send me any information you think could be relevant, any contradictions to what I post, anything at all.  My goal is to bring the ultimate athlete to the top level.

Again, I can’t wait to help all of you achieve your goals.

Email –

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  1. Vano permalink
    September 24, 2009 6:08 pm

    So excited right now. I am going into my freshman year of Exercise Science and am very interested in those topics too. I come from a running background and feel like most players use the strengths from their backgrounds to train for ultimate (eg a football player would be the fast, explosive, squirrely guy on the field and the soccer player would be the endurance player) Can’t wait to read your posts!


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