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Hello Fellow Ultimate Enthusiasts!

September 28, 2009

Hey everybody! I’m Andrew Roca; one of the new writers Matt picked up. I currently attend the University of Central Florida in Orlando and major in Hospitality Management. Hopefully getting a job in hotels so my club team can travel a lot easier. As a player, I have been on the UCF Dogs of War for the past 5 years (including the 2010 season) and have been a captain for 2 years. I play club in the in the glorious overlooked South Region with For The Story. I’ll bring a player’s and leader’s viewpoint here at Ultitraining. I am all for perfecting the game off the field (e.g. fitness, strengthening, stretching, health, etc.), but I am one to perfect the basics as those are usually the game changers in my experience. I look forward to posting and sharing my thoughts with all of you and maybe helping you with aspects of player development, ethics, and adaptation to the evolving ultimate community. I’m always open for ideas, thoughts, and critiscm… and you can throw those my way at and I’ll try to amuse you with my branching out.

Thanks for reading,

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