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Ultimate Recommended To Stay Fit

September 30, 2009

Wall Street Journal ( has an article that quotes Dr. Maria Mancini on using Ultimate to stay fit.  It’s nothing ground breaking, but it is interesting to see Ultimate appearing in this type of media source.

Thanks to @kinsella316 for the link.

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  1. Leslie Wu permalink
    October 1, 2009 1:11 pm


    I suppose we ought to respond to the doc’s idea about Ulty endurance training.

    “She started running longer distances after college, both to keep in shape and improve her endurance on the Ultimate field.”

    I’m not as well versed in CRF (cardio-respiratory fitness) as I am in strength/mobility, but I suppose you need a base level of endurance work to run on the field. Past that, it might just be LSD–long slow distance–whereas improving your running efficiency: form, symmetry, mobility, proper muscle recruitment patterns, strength as a skill, lactate threshold / VO2max etc might be a better balance.

    That said, I don’t really have a good estimate for where base endurance work tips over into LSD, the kind of roadwork that boxers used to do which isn’t quite how modern MMA fighters or sports athletes seem to train.

    Later in the article they talk about “On an off day, members of the team are encouraged to do a 30-minute track workout. The team might run a series of 100-, 200- and 400-meter sprints with recovery walk/jogs in between.”

    XX et al. and I had a discussion elsewhere about interval training and meter distances vs metered time. That is, it seems to make more sense to run intervals based on time rather than distance, although I suppose it’s just easier to run k-meters than to time it appropriately.

    I suppose the thing to do there would be to get a nano, record your song cuts based on time, and do your sprints that way (timing your recovery as well, with progression in recovery time over the weeks/months).

    The GPS stat “number of miles he had run during one particularly competitive day of a tournament and all of the sprinting up and down the field. It totaled a 15-mile workout.” is interesting, as it seems to match up with my experience with HR tracking at tournaments.

    My most intense tournament day racked up over 3700 kcals in a single day, about a half-Ironman’s worth apparently (~13 mi run, 56 mi bike, 1.2 mi swim), and of course unlike a half-marathon itself you want to sprint as often as you can.

    “a handful of crunches”? noo… I need to write a stop crunching article ASAP I guess. Our MDs need to know better.

    For the time being, check out Anthony’s article:

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