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Bolton Speaks About Pulling Over 1,000 Pounds… We Should Listen

October 19, 2009 just posted a new article by Andy Bolton and Elliot Newman, reviewing the tips and tricks to Andy’s deadlifting technique.  I really love deadlifting so this was a very interesting article to me.  I took note of 2 different things right away:

  1. Andy recommends a belt on DLs over 400 lbs.  I always wondered where a belt should come into play.  I have never worn one, but it is good to know when I should.
  2. Not to use chalk until you need it.  Using chalk enhances your grip, but you can strengthen your grip without using chalk on until you need it.  This is how I feel about using straps for DLs as well.

The article also breaks down Sumo Deadlifting as another option, for those of you that choose to pull Sumo.  Watch this video of Bolton pulling his world record weight of 1,008 lbs and then check out the article from  The man is a beast!

Read the article here.

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