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May 26, 2010

A reader asked the other week,

i am currently ‘teaching’ young boys and girls to play ultimate. they range in age from 12-14 years old. obviously, there are a few older boys that have the confidence to be aggressive regarding throwing and catching 50/50 discs. my concern is with the girls. how do i instill in them the importance of throwing and catching and assertiveness. i know these abilities are present, but i don’t exactly identify with young girls. i guess my question is: what do i use for a carrot?

I asked a few different coaches and this is what strength coach and founder of, Leslie Cordova (former assistant strength coach at USC and Z-Health Master Trainer) had to say,

Young girls that age need to first have confidence to catch first.

They don’t want to be embarrassed in front of their peers & especially in front of the boys. Start by teaching them how to throw & catch by making it easier at first. You want to set them up to succeed.

Make it challenging & fun but you have to instill within them the belief that they can do it successfully. I wouldn’t do anything with contact right away until they gain the confidence. Maybe you can create targets with points to throw at & make it a contest, creating prizes or rewards for certain point levels. You can also create different games for catching as well.

The “carrot” for young girls is to make it fun & social. They need to enjoy the challenge in a team/social atmosphere. Be creative, make it fun, build their confidence & self-esteem and as their confidence grows, their aggressiveness & determination will also increase.

Thanks Leslie! Also check out Catch Them Being Good by the 1996 US Women’s National Soccer Team coach. While (Booklist review) “Most of the examples focus on soccer, but coaches of all sports will learn a great deal from this straightforward guide based on impressive experience.”

Women’s Ultimate has seen growth over the years, and here’s to a brilliant 2010 for USA Ultimate College Women’s teams heading to Madison & Natties!

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  1. Leslie Wu permalink
    May 26, 2010 4:31 pm

    For more on women & the weight room see this article:

    Ray Eady, M.Ed, CSCS, PES


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