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UltiTraining: a Holiday Gift Guide for 2010

December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays from! Here are 4 Gift Ideas Under $40 for your favorite Ultimate player/trainee in your life.

1. A pair of FatGripz.

Can has thick bar training? I confess that I have these on order but haven’t received them yet (was going to wait so as to not recommend products I haven’t personally used yet, but Coach Dos and Charles Poliquin like ’em so that’s good enough for me)

Why grip training? Well, the harder you can grip, the more force your body can exert, and in general lifters / trainees tend not to train their grip at all. Also, one might guess that adding a bit of strength- and strength-endurance grip work, whether through towels / FatGripz / Kettlebell bottoms-up cleans / Farmers walks, might help you hit that 88 yard pull more consistently, but ask me again in 6 months to confirm that hypothesis =)

2. Mike Boyle’s Advances in Functional Training, for the aspiring athlete, lifter, or strength coach.

Mike does a great job in describing the state-of-the-art of what modern pro & collegiate strength coaches have learned in the last ten years. Particularly recommended are the sections on core training as anti-flexion / anti-rotation, on single-leg training and knee prehab.

You can pick up this book at, or Dan John’s Never Let Go as a great stuff-that-stocking gift.

3. For the food/smoothie/shake loving trainee, check out the NINJA!

…our third gift under $40, you can CRUSH BLEND CHOP in style once you pick this up this pro food blender/processor on or at your local CostCo (I admit I saw it and had to have it).

CHOP those onions, CRUSH your opponents, I mean ice, and BLEND that whey protein / rice milk & almond / dried coconut / creatine / yogurt / chia shake into dominator-friday-afternoon submission. Or something.

Either way, the NINJA is easy to operate, clean, and makes quick work of a power smoothie, garlic or onion for a morning omelette, and oh did I mention it’s less than $40? Just remember that I am ninja, We are ninja, but I believe that you are Ninja too.

4. Invisible Shoe Huarache Kit — grab the kit or the custom-made “invisible shoe” for a bit more.

Made from the same Vibram sole as ye old VFF (Vibram Five Finger), but a bit more hippy / less obvi when you’re cruising on the beach or whatnot.

Plus, no worrying about whether or not airport security will get angry at you for keeping your VFFs on (ahem), and a tad easier to clean as well. No more holes in my VFF toes? Count me in sista/bro.

Why Huaraches? Well it takes Ultimate feet to make Ultimate plays, and many folks undertrain ankle mobility, foot strength, and lower-body proprioception. That said, you should start foot training gently, since you don’t also want to overtrain your feet (don’t move into pain!).

Okay, so got a bit more or a bit less cash? Read more / hit the fold for some more pricier & cheaper gifts for the UltiTrainee in your life.

Wanna blow more than $100? You could always pick out a York barbell set or pick up used plates / bumpers / Iron Grip Olympic bars for a bit more dough.

Another sick gift would be the new TRX Pro Pack and Kettlebell Iron Circuit Conditioning DVD, feat. Pavel Tsatsouline and hot TRX action shots.

Care to spend less this holiday season? Last year we recommended the ValSlide in the 2009 gift guide, but you could always stop by Home Depot and pick up:

a) furniture slider (ad hoc ValSlide)
b) PVC pipe (foam roller but no so foam)
c) a Duffel Bag, reinforced garbage bag, and 50 lb. of play sand

for not much dough. That said, while it’s fun to DIY gym equipment, you should generally do so only for your own training purposes. If you have clients / student athletes to train, get the real thang! Be safe this holiday season and beyond =)

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